If you do not have a partnership agreement, you may be protected by the Partnership Act 1890 .A. A signed GP partnership agreement is essential. Make sure you cover everything you need and learn about the dangers if you don`t have one in our guide. It is strongly recommended to document the working relationship between all partners. By doing so, you significantly reduce the risk of potential partnership conflicts. You should consider some important things before offering a partnership to a new partner, but the law is outdated and does not cover all the aspects you need in a GP partnership. A partnership agreement identifies partners` obligations, responsibilities and limitations in a practice. Each incoming partner should have the opportunity to audit the last three years of the partnership`s accounting. This will ensure that the new partner is aware of the financial status of the partnership and how returns are likely. Family physicians who switch to a less expensive “rights allowance” should first check whether this is contrary to partnership contracts or employee contracts or locum work, writes lawyer Daphne Robertson. If the premises are owned as a partnership fund or by partners, you should check to see if the new partner is making purchases. If so, the main risk is that a family doctor with non-life insurance does not create adequate expiry insurance. Once a partner, employee or Locum has left the practice, it becomes very difficult to monitor what they are doing.

As a general rule, plaintiffs assert their rights against several parties, often one or more designated physicians; The GP partnership as a whole; confidence of the hospital, etc. We offer a fixed-rate service for the preparation of the first design of your partnership contracts, so you can be sure that you get the best support possible without fear of increased costs. Don`t forget – BMA members benefit from discounted prices for our services. Your partnership agreement is without a doubt the most important document that should be made available to any incoming partner, who will have an obligation to join. There is nothing inherently wrong with claim policy and they are common in other professions, but family physicians need to be aware of the particular challenges they pose within the medical profession. At a minimum, you should understand the contractual obligations to which you may be subject and you would generally be well advised to obtain a written agreement from your partners or employers before purchasing a policy of law. Our service is well-suited to identify the specific intricacies and requirements of your partnership so that we can quickly create and complete a practical, industry-specific and tailored document.