If the sewers are not inside and/or more than 160 mm in diameter, we will not grant approval until we have completed a CCTV review prior to construction. You can then do the approved work. First, try to search your property in www.thameswater-propertysearches.co.uk/. Yes… Take an excursion to your local authorities and take a look at their channel maps. These cards can`t tell you exactly where and what the pipes are. Then……. We propose to catch up with the professionals and pay for a CCTV drainage survey. Expect to pay only 200 euros for this service. TIP: This is also a great opportunity to check the condition of your sewer lines and it could save you money in the event of a project delay. A Thames Water Build over Agreement is a quality label for proposed work and will generally be required for all excavation work within 3 metres of a public canal or flow. If you are eligible for a self-certified agreement, simply complete the online questionnaire and start your work immediately (provided your work conforms to the description you gave in the online questionnaire). A self-certified agreement is free.

Without our agreement, your local authority may not provide a certificate of compliance. This can cause problems if you are trying to sell your property, as a buyer`s lawyer could tell them that the building has been enlarged without our permission above or near a canal. This provides the location of known water and/or sewer lines, including pipe dimensions and flow direction. Pipe depths and recovery levels are provided when data is available. It`s only been a few weeks since work started at SW18. Demolition and extender are almost… You do not need our consent if you build outside these distances. We will be happy to check your plans and give you written confirmation if you are not sure. Read more details. With the risk of ignoring or missing out on a Thames water construction agreement, it is an injunction or an undeding injunction, and the cost of obtaining the agreement ranges from $299 to $1,300.

We thought it would be helpful to take a look at this in a few more details to make sure that when it comes to your proposed construction, it`s not something that`s missing. This is why Thames Water`s construction contracts exist and are generally necessary for the proposed structure to receive a certificate of clearance of the construction code, also known as the “drawing” of the building rules. When planning your work, you should check for pipes nearby. If so, you may need our approval before the work begins. You must then apply to us in accordance with the 2010 construction code. These are imposed by the local authorities, but they have a duty to consult with us when they know that a channel could be set up. If you are building within three metres of a public canal or one metre from a public side sewer, you will need our permission before starting work. It should be noted that if you do not follow the appropriate procedure with Thames Water, your construction inspector will not approve your construction and will issue your Certificate of Compliance Certificate. Thames Water has legal powers (in accordance with paragraphs 159 and 171 of the Water Industry Act 1991) and they can apply for an injunction to remove the building and recover the damage if you do not seek their permission before carrying out the work. You also need to unsubscribe building control panels if you want to sell your home in the future, so this is a pretty good one that you should take seriously.