The use of the Nice classification by national offices has the advantage of coordinating trademark applications with regard to a uniform classification system. This makes notification considerably easier, as products and services that are branded are similarly classified in all countries that have introduced the system. The existence of the Nice classification in several languages also saves applicants a considerable workload during international application. The international classification is available on WIPO`s website. However, since the international list was designed to classify goods and services and not to identify certain goods and services, most terms will not be clear enough to be used in the identification of goods and/or services. On January 1, 2020, the Nice Classification, Eleventh Edition, version 2020 (NCL 11-2020) came into force. To see a complete list of all new or modified U.S. ID manual terms on January 1, 2020, please search the trademark identification manual using the exact date (“O” in the January 1, 2020 “Effective Date” drop-down menu. Class 43 consists primarily of services provided by individuals or establishments whose purpose is to prepare food and beverages for consumption and services provided for the purchase of beds and meals in hotels, guesthouses or other establishments offering temporary accommodation.

Trademarks are registered for certain products or services. The classification is carried out in accordance with the NICE agreement (international classification of products and services requested for the registration of trademarks and service marks). A single application may include several categories of goods and/or services, provided that the necessary fees are paid (a fee set for the first class and a reduced fee for each additional category). However, notifications must be limited to consist only of goods/services within the applicant`s scope. Yes, yes. In accordance with the Trademark Act, all goods and services registered in the notification must be grouped according to the Nice Service Classification classes, there are 11 classes ranging from Class 35 to Class 45.