WARNING: If you choose 100%, all your salary – according to Social Security (FICA), insurance premiums and necessary deductions – is sent to your ASD provider, and you will receive a cheque for $0.00. Your UW TSA 403 (b) is reduced in dollars by the contributions you make to one of the following pension plans: other 403 (b), 401 (k) and Federal Thrift Savings Plans (TSP) and SIMPLES IRAS, SIMPLE 401 (k)s, and salary reduction SEP IRAS. The TSA Review Committee (CSHR) is a 10-member faculty, academic and academic staff committee that monitors the program and advises on the program. Nine members are appointed by the president of the UW system and the chairman of the Fringe Benefit Advisory Committee is an ex-officio member. The normal term for each appointment is three years. The dates are staggered to ensure the continuity of the tsarC`s function. The President and Vice-President are elected at the fall meeting in the opposite years. The Salary Reduction Agreement (SRA) authorizes the UW to withhold a dollar amount or a percentage of the compensation (salary) from each cheque and send it to the ASD provider you choose. For more information and to create an account, please visit Edvest`s website. TSA Counseling Sessions: Suppliers are always available by phone call or videoconference. To make an appointment, click on the Counselling Sessions tab in the Education section to contact your provider, and they will help you through the process. Second, choose a way to register! If you create an account with the supplier or providers, you should be prepared to provide them with information about yourself, your beneficiaries and your investment options.

If you need help selecting investments, call the supplier. You can also visit the education section on this site to see if individual counselling sessions, workshops and webinars are available. The WRS is managed by the Wisconsin Department of Employee Trust Funds (ETF). The following limit values should be taken into account when registering under the UW TSA 403 (b) program. You can also view one of the program`s basic summaries — “Select, Connect and Save” and “Save Smart, Save Early” — at any time on the On Demand tab below if your schedule doesn`t allow you to webin live. You don`t need to complete a salary reduction agreement (SRA) if you sign up with the EZ registration form. To stop or change your deductions in the future, you must complete and activate an SRA. The Wisconsin Deferred Compensation Program (WDC) is a complementary age savings plan, which is governed by Section 457 of the Internal Income Code. Through the Wisconsin Deferred Compensation Program, you can invest a portion of your retirement income either on an upstream or after-tax tax basis or on a combination of both.

. Contact your TSA provider to start the credit process. Each supplier has its own lending procedure. In the UW TSA program, you can have up to two outstanding loans at any time, either from the same provider or from a different provider. The minimum loan amount is $1,000 and you can borrow $50,000 or half of your account, subject to the supplier`s legal and regulatory requirements. As a general rule, the loan must be repaid within five years, unless the loan is used to acquire your principal residence. Credit repayments are made from your bank account to the provider. Debt Management: Balancing Art, Spending and Savings If you have any questions, email the TSA Plan Administrator at uwshr@uwsa.edu to make sure you haven`t exceeded the IRS contribution limits. Fidelity, TIAA and T. Rowe Price offer UW TSA participants investment funds with low-cost institutional equity prices. Fidelity calls these low-cost stock classes “K classes.” TIAA also offers the most profitable animal or pension products in the UW TSA program.

Due to the size of the UW TSA program, UW employees can purchase these shares and low-case pension products through the TSA program.