Detailed provisions of this agreement govern the specifications of the product and its manufacture, the manufacture of packaging and documentation, the provision of product guarantees, repair and customer assistance services, information on orders and prices, as well as intellectual property in terms of designs, patents, etc. on the product and trademarks, copyright, etc., applied to the dealer`s trademark. A white-label solution agreement defines the conditions under which a saaS (Software as-a-Service) provider and a customer work together to offer a white-label solution. A number of the terms of the agreement allow users to be flexible and free to define the essential elements of the contract, such as the specifications. B, packaging design, manufacturing processes, customer support systems, orders, prices and product warranties. 1. Some definitions. (a) “active subscription,” a subscription activated by an end user. (b) “affiliate” in relation to one company, another entity that controls, controls or controls the former. (c) “confidential information,” this agreement and all schedules (including pricing), changes to this agreement; non-public parts of the Service, documentation and other written or electronic information that are (i) confidential and/or proprietary or that are accompanied by a written notification that such information is confidential and/or proprietary, or (ii) are not identified or accompanied by a message indicating that it is confidential and/or proprietary, but which, if disclosed to third parties, could reasonably compete with the owner of that information. Confidential information does not include information that, as demonstrated by the receiving party, is: (i) publicly available, (ii) obtained legally by third parties without limitation of disclosure, or (iii) is developed independently of a party without reference or use of confidential information. (d) “continuation period,” the period beginning at the end of the period and ending with the termination or expiry of the last outstanding subscription.

(e) “end user”: a person in the target market who: (i) has acquired access to the service from the reseller or otherwise has the right to access the service in accordance with the dealer`s terms; and (ii) is not a dealer or dealer partner. (f) “end user data”: any end-user information provided by the MTP reseller in connection with the sale of subscriptions by DenSeller or Channel Partner. (g) “documentation”: publications such as reference, user, system administration and/or technical guides (online or online) regarding the use of the service made available from time to time by MTP to the reseller. (h) “inactive subscription”: all subscriptions purchased, with the exception of active subscriptions. (i) “Intellectual property rights”: all rights to, in or out of: (i) a U.S., international or foreign patent, an international or foreign patent or patent application, and any new issuance, divisions, renewals, renewals, renewals and renewals; (ii) inventions (patentable or not in any country), invention revelations, improvements, trade secrets, protected information, know-how, technology and technical data; (iii) copyright, copyright recordings, hidden works, hidden work recordings and therefore applications in the United States.