In an interview with Citizen Matters, Bengaluru City Police Commissioner Bhaskar Rao said strict instructions were given on social media and by written notification to PG owners and landlords, so as not to annoy tenants. “We expect more problems next week because many have not received their salaries and cannot pay their monthly rent,” he said. If we have to pay the rent for this month, even if we don`t stay pg since March. We are asked to pay rent as our luggage is kept in the PG. “I`m the only bread winner in my family and I went from vizag six months ago to Zolo Twins, Hyderabad, to get better job prospects. I lost my job because of the pandemic, fell into depression and lost all hope in life. With heavy money constraints, it wasn`t easy to motivate me to go out and look for a job. Zolostays took a heavy burden off me and offered me a rent-free stay until I found a new job. I warmly thank Zolo,” said Techie Sai Ashok Madugula, who paid $8,500 a month for a triple room. Amid the dark and desperation of the coronavirus outbreak, zolostays, co-host, offers a 75-day rent-free stay to all residents who lost their jobs to the pandemic, as well as former residents who have stayed for at least six months in one of their 450 properties in Pan India. The same here….

i hvnt stayed in pg for the last month and a half, only for my things in the owner pg ask rent.govrnment should do something. I am a student from Delhi studying in Bangalore and it is very difficult to pay rent during this critical situation because everyone wins. To save a lot of headaches — and perhaps thousands of dollars — this is another element of the lease that needs to be established in advance to protect both parties. Your landlord can apply for a wide variety of deposits, most of which are kept by your landlord for the duration of the lease. These deposits are considered good faith money – a sum that shows that you will take good care of the unit. It also means that the lessor, if not required to use this amount to repair the damage or dirt caused during your lease, should return the deposit money to you at the end of your lease (and in some interest-only provinces).