The ATO is authorized by the Taxation Administration Act 1953 to request information on the debit application form. If you use a registered fee or a low agent, they can set up the levy on your behalf using online services for agents. The information provided by the Authority must be in accordance with the details of the customers and the accounts of the debit request. The authority allows us to debit the designated account. With the application debit service, you can request that we insert a single debit from your designated bank account. In order to use this service, we already need a collection authorization. After a successful withdrawal request, a response will be received through your software, containing an “arrangement identifier” (a single payment reference number). Direct debits (DDs) are currently only available for income tax liabilities. In the future, it may be extended to the list of activities and FBT commitments. The Private Regulatory Service (PR) allows you to request a private decision on behalf of a client or group of customers. You can pay your tax debts in full or in installments by deduction. This includes: You can use our online services to set up, adjust or cancel an existing payment plan if you have an income tax bill or a right to income information of $100,000 or less. To allow us to debit their account, your client must first have a debit service on the respective tax account.

The levies are initiated by sending a single request for a levy for each collection operation. Your financial institution can provide real-time payment services with Osko or PayID. 1.3. We only make sure that the funds are deducted from your account, as approved in the DIRECTE DEBIT DEMANDE.1.4. If the DAY DEBIT falls to a day that is not a business day, we can order your FINANCIAL INSTITUTION to debit your account for the next business day.1.5. If you are unsure of the day your account was or will be debited, you should ask your FINANCIAL INSTITUTION.1.6. Please note that we are incriminating your account on the day you have appointed, please contact your FINANCIAL INSTITUTION to confirm the date on which this will take effect. If you need to change a payment amount after sending a debit system, call the helpdesk on 1800 802 308 no later than three business days before the payment date. The existing money transfer is cancelled. You can then transfer a new DD requirement containing the updated payment amount. You can use the debit service to pay a debt on your income tax account. The debit service is not yet available for payments related to business commitments.