The employees of Point Grey Campus as trades, food and hospitality services, technicians and research assistants, as well as in various positions covered by schedule A. CUPE 116`s CUPE 116 agreement, also represents aquatic Centre staff under a separate collective agreement. Leave may or may not be paid depending on the type of leave. You will find more information in your collective agreement. Collective Agreement (pdf)See also: | Wage Tables | website BCGEU Sun Life Booklet (pdf) | Main | Page Benefits Extended Health Benefits A staff member requesting a reclassification of their position initiates the reclassification process by sending the immediate supervisor an application form for classification verification, an up-to-date job description (which can be obtained from position management or staff) and a new job description (with “track changes”). The employee and the line manager must discuss the employee classification requirement and reach agreement on the content of the employee`s job description, providing the sick employee with a copy of the final job description. CUPE 116 collective agreement | Aquatic Centre Collective Agreement Job descriptions may be subject to job evaluation 15 months after the last evaluation. These 10 factors determine the classification and remuneration of a workstation. Definitions of these factors are below the definition of factors.

Each factor has some weighting or an important measure for the overall assessment of a workstation. Accessibility and inclusion are at stake if we create new standards. Sign language interpreters at every press conference and new levels of transparency and empathy in the workplace are just some of the ways in which our society has recently evolved towards inclusion. Auxiliary officers who have held a reclassified position in a higher level are paid retroactively for the working time that was worked with the receipt of the assessment request with the Staff Office until the completion of their ancillary activities. Note: Classifications are based on position, not employee. Staff qualifications, individual benefits, work volume or salary allocated at the network level are not valid grounds for conducting a classification review. . If the common appeal body for workplace assessment fails to agree on the proposed classification, the Section 70 appeal procedure can be used. The Joint Job Evaluation Committee (JJEC) assigns each order the number of points corresponding to the degree factors present in the market. For example, many points could be awarded to the administrator`s task for difficult working conditions. The position of wage accountant might get fewer points on this factor because these are more pleasant working conditions, but it could get more points for greater financial responsibility. ContactB.C.