Arctic Foundations of Canada manufactures permafrost foundation systems incorporating thermosyphons under the trade names Thermo Piles and Thermo Probes. Our passively refrigerated foundations systems for use in permafrost soils are the original and most widely used in Canada and Alaska. These foundations are economical, energy free, low maintenance and long lasting.


Thermo Piles and Thermo Probes passively remove heat from the foundation soils to:

• Create permafrost or prevent it from thawing

• Increase the strength of frozen or thawed soils

• Eliminate frost heaving


Collectively the three principals have over 90 years of experience in constructionand engineering in the arctic ranging from Alaska in the west to Baffin Island in the east and Alert in the north. All three are actively involved in the hands on process of design, estimating, manufacturing and field work probiding continuity throughout the project. Arctic Foundations prides itself in providing quality products and workmanship and backs this up with guarantees.






Low Maintenance

Refrigerated Foundations

Provide Permafrost Preservtation