Thank you for your response. I need agreements, but I don`t need them. Is it possible to view the field and disable the validation for this? I found the model that is responsible for rendering these fields (Magento_CheckoutAgreements/check-out/check-out-agreements) and some codes as follows: To reduce the non-application basket, it is important to apply an optimized unilateral checkout. In addition to other features such as the gift wrapper page and gift message, the “Execution” checkbox can be displayed with Magento 2 One Step Checkout PRO. See also the file below: It is resonsible for validaton js, you must remove the required class from the magento phtml file below additional_agreements. Thank you very much. Run the order to make new content available from php bin/magento setup:static-content:deploy In the Terms and Conditions section, you run: GitHub is home to more than 50 million developers working together to host and verify code, manage projects and create software together. After activating the terms of use of Magento on a page, it works well and I can also place an order, but where does it sow to Denorsen that I accepted? Click Add a new condition in the top right corner. In the Status field, select the “Enable” feature. But I can`t find a place where the field requirement option can be set.

Reasons to add conditions to Magento 2 memory: Select Text or HTML in the Content field as a view to set the view. I activate the default exit terms and conditions on Magento 2. (Optional) Enter the content height (css) into pixels to determine the height of the text area where the conditions statement is displayed initially. Share the article with the Magento community via social media. The next query returns the activated verification agreements. A “general terms” is an agreement that requires your users to accept and follow a rule when using your product or service. It can contain your product`s usage policies, which happens when users abuse your product, etc. No registration is required, but the customer should not be able to verify if the checkbox is not checked, so there should be no problem. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance. The checkoutAgrements query calls for control agreements.

The query always returns an empty table when the Activate Conditions option is set to “No.” (The setup path is checkout/options/enable_agreements.) With magento 2, you can create unlimited TOS with magento 2 One Step, because the module supports many TOS at once on the check-out page. In addition, your customers can view the terms and conditions displayed in the contextual field. As a result, your buyers stay on the checkout page and post all your policies without reloading or redirecting the page. First, you need to set the text box for the terms and conditions of sale in the backend store. Before you get to the setup, you must register in your admin account and follow this store path > terms and conditions. The admin interface is now displayed as an image below. To create new conditions for your store, click The Add a New Condition button. Then enter your intention in the following fields: Condition name, box text, content and content height (CSS). Finally, click to extend the Mageplaza option and select One Step Checkout. In the Configuration section, set the View Conditions field to In Review Area or In Payment Area to view terms and conditions.

Click Save Config and the entire setup is complete.