For example, if the non-compete clause simply prohibits the worker from recruiting clients of the employer, it must not contain a geographic restriction to be enforceable under Minnesota law. As with any other contract, for a non-competition clause to be valid, the employer must give the worker consideration in return for participating in the transaction. This means that, in order to sign the agreement, the employee must receive something like compensation or job retention. In these cases, the courts will examine the consideration to determine whether the parties have received some kind of benefit for the transaction. The judge concluded that a factual issue precluded the dismissal of the complaint. Finally, the court allowed the seller to assert rights to undue enrichment and merit, even though they were incompatible with a contractual right as “alternative” claims. The decision was a gain for the seller, while the buyer`s violation of non-competition was dismissed. A remarkable result for a non-competition dispute between the sale of companies. The decision is also another good example of how virtually any non-competition clause can be challenged on the basis of the protection of a legitimate commercial interest. (See Oberfoell, above) For now, nothing seems normal. Many of our favorite restaurants are closed or limited to takeout, our loved ones who work in hospitals or grocery stores risk infection on their way to work and (if we`re lucky) we look at our own walls to be productive collaborators, parents, and partners.