If you have any questions or need additional support to find out what are the most appropriate licensing options for your business, contact ni-Support or your local institution. To learn more about the program or to request a volume license offer tailored to your organization, please visit www.ni.com/vlp or contact NI using one of the following methods. Volume licenses are typically managed on a license server and can include development, delivery, and debugging licenses as well as concurrent and non-concurrent licenses. End-user activations are handled by the software administrator of your volume license. For any questions regarding the configuration of a license server, you can refer to the VLM Manual Preliminary Steps. If you`re working remotely and your license contains a home exception, you can use a separate or private license. LICENSE TO MAKE AVAILABLE A license to make available is required for the distribution of applications developed with a specific product. You must obtain a delivery license for each target computer on which the application is running. This option can be purchased as a single seat or as part of a VLA. This category of license does not contain any exceptions at home.

For more information about software that contains deployment licenses, see NI Deployment and Debug Software Licenses. Use the NI Volume License Manager (NI VLM) to manage and manage your National Instruments software licenses. The following resources may also be useful when you start using your volume license. In NI VLM, only one volume license file can be managed simultaneously. If you need to merge multiple volume license agreements, send an email to agreements@ni.com to obtain a single volume license file. MOST of our application software is sold with a perpetual license, which means that the version of the software you purchase will never stop working. Even if you are not subscribed to our software service programs, your software continues to run with the version you just installed. Send your license server computer name and computer ID to agreements@ni.com to obtain your volume license file. DEVELOPMENT LICENSE A development license is used to create new applications and programs.

This option can be purchased as a single seat or as part of a Volume License Agreement (VLA). This license category includes a home exception that allows the software to be installed and activated on a home computer….